Halloween fright night!

Only one day left to be able to read my book by candlelight on the eve of All Hallows! One word of warning, don’t read it in the dark by yourself or you may not sleep for a week, especially if you are a Market Harborough resident; you never know who or what is watching you….and for those who are planning to go Trick-or-Treating tomorrow night, watch out if you plan to knock on doors on The Broadway. One house there is Harboroughs most haunted, so be careful who opens the door to you! They may not be who they appear to be…..

Halloween approaching!

WH Smiths have sold out of my books and other shops have ordered more, along with my DVD! A shame that nationwide online retailers show my book as out of stock. Please ignore it! Its all because my publisher by-passed the distributor/wharehouse at my request. Please order as normal to receive your books as soon as possible (not the time stated on websites). Halloween is a perfect time for a good read of ghost stories, especially as they are real accounts of spooky experiences from down-to-earth local witnesses. As well as online sellers such as WH Smiths, Amazon, Ebay, Waterstones etc. if you are local to the area you can also buy them directly from your local bookshops, namely Waterstones, Quinns, WH Smiths, Leicester Tourist Office and The Angel Hotel and Three Swans Hotel; or of course directly from this website.

Latest ghost sightings

Two new sites in Market Harborough are now on the radar, Jacks for Women and Head Candy hair salon. Both premises have recently experienced ghostly activity worth further investigation. As with a lot of reported paranormal activity, spooky events seem to occur as a consequence of building refurbishment such as the recent occupation by Head Candy in premises in Church Street, reported this week in the Harborough Mail.

Almost finished

I am now about halfway through refurbishing this site and will be adding more images/videos as the weeks progress, so please keep revisiting for info.

If interested, a paranormal research group is due to stake out the Three Swans Hotel next month and have invited me along. I will post more info when I get it.

Welcome to my Blog

Thanks to those who have supplied great feedback regarding my dvd and book and now I am in the process of creating a brand new website that will be mobile device friendly, so please come back to visit this site soon!

Just getting the hang of building this site using WordPress. Please be patient as I add new pages and articles in the coming weeks. Nothing else to do whilst hibernating from the cold and snow outside!