The Dominion

The Dominion pub in Glenfield, Leicester is featured here as a matter of interest. Obviously, it is not in the Harborough area but it is a building I investigated by invitation due to the media coverage regarding my film project and research concerning hauntings in market Harborough. The investigation was organised by Andrew J Wright, Leicester’s leading expert on all things paranormal, having written several local books on the subject. The ghost stories here revolve around sightings of a swarthy dark figure, (sometimes seen wearing a waistcoat with no shirt) that the┬áLandlord and staff have nick-named ‘Bert’.┬áThe figure is mainly seen in the cellar, although glimpsed in the bar area too. On one occasion, a young boy bumped into something invisible and was literally knocked backwards by the impact, as witnessed by his parents. Another story involves a member of staff also ‘pushed over’ by an unseen hand. The pub guard dog; a ferocious looking Alsation, refuses to go into the cellar and prefers to just whimper at the top of the staircase leading down to it. The ghostly figure of Bert was seen on several ocasions emerging from a solid brick wall in the coridor leading to the cellar.

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