The Broadway


Market Harborough’s most haunted house (to preserve the current occupants anonymity, I will not divulge it’s number) is located at the Northern end of the town in a street comprised mainly of council houses called ‘The Broadway’. This particular house hides a sinister past that has terrorised three families who have lived there consecutively. The fascinating fact which sets this tale apart from other ghost stories is that each family had similar experiences within its walls, their individual stories only shared later in a chance meeting.

The other point of unique interest is that the house seems to be haunted by not one, but three ghostly visitors! Witnesses have seen the apparition of a WW1 soldier and an old lady on many occasions, plus heard the eerie sound of a crying, crawling baby. This fascinating series of events recounted by Mr. Les Harrald during a filmed interview, will definitely make you shiver; but also feel so gateful that you were not unfortunate enough to live there yourself.

All of this can be seen in detail in the DVD plus book.


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