About Me

me2It has now been almost 25 years since I released the film documentary and it has become quite a time capsule when viewing how much the town has changed since then! Technology has also moved on and it would be great to update the film using AI or creating a brand new version by revisiting old haunts in HD/4K, so watch this space! Initially, the film started out as an historical, short feature about the town – but as it was around Halloween at it’s conception, my partner told me a tale of a ghostly encounter she had. Also that day, I saw a feature in The Harborough Mail on a supposedly haunted house, Inspired, the project soon became (after about a year or so’s research) a full length 90min feature about the districts paranormal activity.

Most of my working life has been spent in Art & Design but my passion has always been film-making. As a teenager, I was creating short films on Super8, especially with home made special effects. I now do freelance work using Cinema 4D to create CGI images/animations. Years ago, I also formed a videography business and more recently, owned a photography studio. Even though technically retired now, I am still working on creative projects, producing artwork/paintings, photographic art, freelance design and screenwriting/storyboarding.